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Secretversary Superdrop: The Bundle Bundle

Secretversary Superdrop: The Bundle Bundle

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This bundle is only for the bundliest bundlers. It’s for the ultimate bundle connoisseur. It’s for the person who always wants it all, provided it comes bundled up in a single neat package. If you came running when you heard about this bundle of both Secretversary bundles, this bundle is for you. “Bundle” is kind of a funny sounding word, when you read it ten times in a single paragraph. Bundle.



  • 1x Secretversary Superdrop: Foils Forever Bundle
    • 1x A Box of Rocks Foil Edition 
    • 1x Artist Series: Seb McKinnon Foil Edition 
    • 1x Happy Little Gathering Foil Edition 
    • 1x We Hope You Like Squirrels 
  • 1x Secretversary Superdrop: No Foils, No Nonsense Bundle 
    • 1x A Box of Rocks 
    • 1x Artist Series: Seb McKinnon 
    • 1x Happy Little Gathering 
    • 1x Party Hard, Shred Harder 
MTG Arena Redemption:

One (1) single-use code for one (1) “Artist Series: Seb McKinnon Foil Edition” Themed Exquisite Sleeve and for one (1) “We Hope You Like Squirrels” Themed Exquisite Sleeve and for five (5) total Bob Ross Basic Lands: Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest. (100, 103, 104, 107, 109).

MTGO Redemption: 

One (1) single-use code for one (1) copy of each of the “Foils Forever Bundle” A Box of Rocks Foil Edition, Artist Series: Seb McKinnon Foil Edition, Happy Little Gathering Foil Edition and We Hope You Like Squirrels cards and one (1) copy of each of the “No Foils, No Nonsense Bundle” A Box of Rocks, Artist Series: Seb McKinnon, Happy Little Gathering and Party Hard, Shred Harder cards.

*MTG Arena and Magic Online codes must be redeemed within one year of order confirmation. Not available in all countries or territories. Not for resale.
**MTG Arena and Magic Online codes are not available in the following regions: China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.
***Unless otherwise stated, all printed Secret Lair drops are English language.

Secretversary Superdrop: The Bundle Bundle

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