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The World’s Non-foil-est Bundle

The World’s Non-foil-est Bundle

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At Secret Lair, we have more than just an excellent bundle that includes all five non-foil drops that are part of the Out of Time Superdrop. We’re also the world’s largest depository of secrets, which is really obvious if you look at our name. We know all kinds of stuff, like which deodorant Bigfoot uses or what brand of conditioner Bigfoot uses. Ok, so most of our secrets are about Bigfoot’s hygiene regimen, but some of those secrets are so haunting they will send you to an early grave. Do you want to know how long Bigfoot spends brushing his teeth each morning? Are you ready to Face the Consequences? The answer is two minutes, exactly as recommended by the Supreme Council of Dentists… WHO ARE ALL BIGFOOTS. TWIST!  



  • 1x Artist Series: Johannes Voss
  • 1x Artist Series: Thomas Baxa
  • 1x Kamigawa Ink
  • 1x Math is for Blockers
  • 1x Teferi’s Time Trouble

*Unless otherwise stated, all printed "Secret Lair" drops are English language.

The World’s Non-foil-est Bundle

Sale ended!
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