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The World’s Foil-est Bundle

The World’s Foil-est Bundle

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Much like the humble magpie, you prefer the shiny things in life. Although, honestly, have you ever met a humble magpie? Those things are always flying through the air, stealing our good china, and screaming their horrible bird noises all through the sky as if they were mad at every airplane. And we just let them get away with this because they’re not smart enough to file taxes? We think enough is enough. It’s time for a change. We’re renaming magpies punkbirds and will be taking no questions at this time. Take one of every foil drop on offer instead. 



  • 1x Artist Series: Johannes Voss Foil Edition
  • 1x Artist Series: Thomas Baxa Foil Edition
  • 1x Kamigawa Ink Foil Edition
  • 1x Math is for Blockers Foil Edition

*Unless otherwise stated, all printed "Secret Lair" drops are English language.

The World’s Foil-est Bundle

Sale ended!
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