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Showcase: Zendikar Revisited - Foil

Showcase: Zendikar Revisited - Foil

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Welcome back to Zendikar! We’re just as excited to be here as you are, so we wanted to do a little something special to celebrate. We picked five big-time Zendikar favorites to get a brand-new look using the Zendikar Rising Showcase art style and frame. Matteo Bassini, Anato Finnstark, Bastien Grivet, Daniel Lieske, and Dominik Mayer partied up to really exemplify the colorful travel poster look. Let’s get ready to landfall! 



  • 1x Foil Showcase Admonition Angel
  • 1x Foil Showcase Roil Elemental
  • 1x Foil Showcase Zulaport Cutthroat
  • 1x Foil Showcase Warren Instigator
  • 1x Foil Showcase Avenger of Zendikar

MTG Arena Redemption:  One (1) single-use code for one MTG Arena “Showcase: Zendikar Revisited” Themed Sleeve (may be available later for separate purchase in MTG Arena).

*MTG Arena codes must be redeemed before December 31, 2020. Not available in all countries or territories. Not for resale.

** [MTG Arena Redemption] is not available in the following regions: China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Vietnam.
***Unless otherwise stated, all printed Secret Lair drops are English language.

Showcase: Zendikar Revisited - Foil

Venda encerrada!
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